Art Show 2023

Art show participants and award winners.

The Lake Wales Student Art Show has been open for viewing since February 2nd and will close on Tuesday, February 27th. Our 28 pieces of artwork have all been hung (that’s the max that we can enter), along with the other schools in the Lake Wales area. Mrs. Rigel has said how all of these pieces are spectacular! These students have every reason to be proud of themselves.

In the K-2 division, Thomas Woods earned a 4th place ribbon, and Rose Garnes placed first! In the grades 3-5 division, Isabell McKeon placed 5th and Zoe Thomas placed first! We are so proud of our Gnats and all their hard work not only in academics but also in the arts! The students who earned a ribbon for their art work were honored on Saturday, February 25th at the Lake Wales Art Show.