Gnats Celebrating Literacy Week

Gnats Constructing their future with Literacy Week

On Monday, our Gnats celebrated the first day of Literacy Week with "Hats Off To Reading". In the lunchroom, we read about Garrett Morgan, who invented the three-light stoplight. Then Gnats each made a "stoplight" snack from Rice Krispy Treats and M&M's. 

On Tuesday the students celebrated Literacy Week by wearing "Shirts with Words". In the lunchroom, to follow along with the "Construct your Future" theme for the week, we read a story about digging/ The Gnats each got a special snack pudding cup with some "dirt, rubble" and a shovel spoon to eat with.

Wednesday was a wild and crazy day filled with fun! Gnats Celebrated Literacy with "Crazy about Reading" Day. Gnat students and staffed dressed in crazy attire. We also had a great time Buddy Reading. K Gnats read with 3rd Grade Gnats, 1st Graders read with 4th Graders, and 2nd Grade students read with 5th grade. Even our PreK class got to participate by reading with a 4th grade class! In the lunchroom, to follow along with the "Construct Your Future" theme for the week we read a STEM based story about Old Bouncy Tires. Then our Gnats each got a special snack baggie with some :old bouncy tires" aka Oreos and chocolate donuts.

Day Four of Celebrate Literacy Week did not disappoint! Our Gnats were about to "Score with Books". They wore their favorite team shirt on Thursday. We listened to the story "The Alphabet Construction Book" in the lunchroom. We've seen a lot of these pieces of equipment on campus this year and it was good to learn their correct names. At lunch the students got a baggie of "Construction Bites" to enjoy!

To wrap up Celebrate Literacy Week 2023 our focus was "A Good Reader has Character". We had a whole campus of dressed up Gnats both big and little, in awesome book character costumes. In the lunchroom we listened to The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wrecking Ball and had "wrecking balls" for snacks, aka cheese balls. One of the best parts of the day was every classroom had a wonderful classroom guest reader that each read the same book, "Amazing Grace" by Mary Hoffman. AFter the story the Guest Readers presented the book to each classroom as a gift for their classroom library. Thank you to HighPoint Church for purchasing several of the books for classrooms. 

It's safe to say that our Gnats have enjoyed their week celebrating Literacy and beginning to "Construct their Future" by learning to read and write to communicate!