Red Ribbon Week Activities

The door contest winners showcasing Mrs. Gammon's Kindergarten class and Mrs. Mercer's 3rd grade class.

The Gnats at Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary participated in Red Ribbon Week the week of October 31st. During the week, the students participated in different theme days. On Monday, students wore crazy socks and slippers because Drugs are Crazy, and we don't want to slip us up! Tuesday, students all Teamed Up Against Drugs, and everyone wore their favorite team shirt or jersey.  Wednesday, we Partnered Up Against Drugs, and students dressed up like twins. Thursday brought out our grooviest outfits because Drugs Aren't Groovy! Friday, we all celebrated that we are proud to be Drug Free and everyone wore red! We are so proud of our Gnats and all they do to ensure they are drug-free! During the week, each class was challenged to create a door that celebrated being drug free. Our students and teachers did an amazing job on their doors! 

Congratulations to Mrs. Gammons's Kindergarten class and Mrs. Mercer's 3rd grade class for winning with their door entries. Both classes earned an ice cream party!