Exploring Gravity

Kindergarten exploring gravity in the STEM Lab.

The Kindergarten students at Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary explored how gravity works in the STEM Lab. The students went outside to use Stomp Rockets, parachute toys, and foam airplanes to observe how objects thrown into the sky are pulled back to Earth's surface. The students spent time at all three stations throughout their STEM time. They used the Stomp Rockets to see how high they could propel their rockets into the air, and then were so excited to see where they would land. The students were all so excited when the rockets soared above the walkways at school. While the students were using the parachute toys, they would throw them into the air and watch how they would fall back to the ground. Then they discussed how the parachute didn't stop them from coming back to Earth but it slowed down their journey. Finally, the students used foam airplanes. The students would throw the airplanes and watch how they would fly, and then glide back to Earth. These activities created a fun and exciting way to explore gravity in our STEM Lab. 

Kindergarten Gravity

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