The LWCS has adapted from the PCSB a form to comply with the changes made to Rule 6A- 1.0955 Education Records regarding the usage of a deviation to a student’s legal name. 
 We are asking that you submit any forms returned to the office to be captured in FOCUS. You should also make a note of any nicknames for your own records. We are sending a letter and the required form home in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole to parents and guardians this evening.
As a reminder, the revised language of Rule 6A-1.0955 states:
“Each school board must adopt a policy for educational records which must include…. provisions for parents to specify the use of any deviation from their child’s legal name in school. School districts will develop a form to obtain parental consent along with any required documentation, as appropriate.” Rule 6A- 1.0955(8)(m), F.A.C.
Any deviation from a child’s legal name requires written parental consent, including nicknames and shortened names. The new rule goes into effect on Aug. 22, 2023.
Please note that the LWCS is providing parents with a form (linked below) that parents must submit to their child’s school if they are allowing their child to use a name other than their legal name. We will accept forms through Oct. 31, 2023.
Schools will keep copies of these forms handy for any parent/guardian who does not have access to a printer at home.
Note: After October 31st, 2023 any new students will have 15 days from the date of their enrollment to submit the form. This form will be included in the back-to-school packet each year beginning with the 2024-25 school year.